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The 5 Top Self-Reliance Bloggers That You Need to Follow

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How many of these amazing ladies do you know? I’m going to share the top self-reliance bloggers that really changed my life for the better. 

And by the end of the article, you will discover how you and your family can have food security, be prepared for emergencies, and live a simple more self-reliant life.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Lisa Bedford aka The Survival Mom

lisa bedford 2021 the survival mom
Photo courtesy of Lisa Bedford

Lisa Bedford was the woman who changed the face of prepping for me. Admit it you probably have the same idea I did when it comes to what preppers are like? Did you picture your crazy uncle Joe rattling off his latest ufo conspiracy at the Thanksgiving table? Yeah, me too! Well, Lisa is the most down-to-earth person who also happens to be a prepper.

Lisa started her blog back in 2009 after the market crash, after realizing just how unprepared she and her family were for disasters. Following the events of that time, she knew she needed to learn more about how to prepare her family for any kind of emergency. So she did her research. Although there was a lot of great information out there, it really didn’t seem to fit her family’s needs. So she started The Survival Mom.

The Survival Mom is a blog that is meant for moms and families to get realistic tips on how to survive any kind of emergency. Lisa’s audience is full of regular moms looking to protect themselves and their families against common disasters, loss of income, and even some uncommon events (pandemic anyone?).

Lisa’s realistic approach and easy-to-digest info was what really made me love learning from her. She has well-researched articles full of great info to help you feel more confident that your family will be ready for any emergency. She also has a great book that I referred to when I was a librarian teaching preparedness to my community. Check it out here!

If you’re a mom and you want to get started with preparedness but are tired of the websites geared toward guys and guns (not that there’s anything wrong with that) Lisa is your gal!

You can learn more about Lisa Bedford here: The Survival Mom – Helping moms worry less & enjoy life!

Melissa K. Norris of Pioneering Today

melissa k norris pioneering today
Photo courtesy of Melissa K. Norris

I found Melissa on my journey to learn how to homestead on our small city plot. The funny thing is I didn’t know it at the time, but she lived only 30 minutes from me! Thanks to her resources we were able to grow quite a bit of food on the small amount of land we had.

Melissa K. Norris is a 5th generation homesteader who lives in the Cascade foothills. She prides herself on being a modern-day Laura Ingalls Wilder. She helps others learn how to start and manage all the aspects of homesteading today. Through her podcast, best-selling books, blog, YouTube channel, and the Pioneering Today Academy she has helped many people take control of their food supply become more self-reliant and live a simpler life.

My favorite thing Melissa does with her content is make it super easy to understand and follow. I am a visual learner so I really had an easy time learning things from her because whatever she teaches she really breaks it down step-by-step.

If you’re looking to get started learning how to homestead, whether you have acreage or a small plot, Melissa should be someone you follow!

You can learn more about Melissa here: Melissa K. Norris – Simple Modern Homesteading for a Healthy & Self-Sufficient Life (melissaknorris.com)

Lisa Bass of Farmhouse on Boone

Lisa Bass is a blogger and YouTuber that shares her homesteading life and simple living tips with her audience. I found her on YouTube when I was searching for an easy way to make a sourdough starter. Her beautiful photography style and videos were what initially drew me in. I’m a sucker for aesthetics after all. That’s one of the reasons I bought her book!

Lisa Bass Farmhouse on Boone
Photo courtesy of Lisa Bass

I became a subscriber because like Melissa K. Norris, she is really great at teaching. You really feel like you’re learning a new skill from your best friend.

Lisa’s blog and channel content is all about teaching simple living, homesteading, old-fashioned recipes, and how to create your own blog.

I loved the fact that she and her husband started their homesteading lifestyle on a small city plot like mine. So she has proven that no matter where you live you can start homesteading.

You can learn more about Lisa here: Farmhouse on Boone

Ann Accetta-Scott aka A Farmgirl in the Making

ann accetta scott a farmgirl in the making
Photo courtesy of Ann Accetta-Scott

Ann is a city girl turned homesteader. She has a small homestead about 20 minutes outside Seattle where she grows all kinds of crops and tends multiple kinds of small livestock.

I found Ann on Facebook while I was trying to learn more about food preservation (canning). She has a wonderful book all about preserving your harvest.

Ann is extremely knowledgeable about many aspects of homesteading and preserving your food. So much so that she is part of the Homesteaders of America team. Every year she helps to organize the Homesteaders of America conference that helps connect leading authorities in the homesteading community with people who want to learn more about food freedom.

I highly recommend checking out Ann’s website if you want to learn more about self-reliance from a friendly, no-nonsense, and outgoing kinda gal. Don’t be afraid to ask her questions, she absolutely loves to help people!

You can learn more Ann here: A Farm Girl in the Making | The guide to living a traditional and simple homesteading life

Amy Fewell of The Fewell Homestead

Amy Fewell is the founder of the Homesteaders of America and the creative mom, wife, and entrepreneur behind the Fewell Homestead.

amy fewell of the fewell homestead
Photo courtesy of Amy Fewell

I learned about Amy when I was trying to find conferences that might help me and my husband learn more about homesteading.

Not only does Amy cover homesteading topics like gardening and raising small livestock on her blog. But she also has extensive articles about herbalism and home remedies. She even has a course available to beginners.

If you’re looking for information on how to get started with food freedom and self-reliant living Amy is a great resource. She really approaches self-reliance with a holistic approach. And don’t forget to check out the Homesteaders of America!

You can learn more about Amy here: The Fewell Homestead


As you can see from these great bloggers, there is no one right way to approach a self-reliant life. They each approach living a more prepared and simplistic life from a different perspective. But ultimately they all aim to help their followers reach the same goal of living free of dependence on a broken system, providing security for their families, and returning to a more traditional/simpler way of living.

Whether you are new to homesteading/preparedness or have been at it for awhile and are just looking for new ways to do things. These ladies are a valuable resource for information that comes backed by years of experience.

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