Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub 1oz


Experience the soothing comfort of our Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub. Inside this 1oz jar lies a gentle blend of all-natural goodness, featuring nourishing calendula-infused olive oil. Buff away dry, flaky skin, and reveal lips that are beautifully soft and supple. Let the warm embrace of vanilla transport you to a place of tranquility as you complete your lip care routine. With its nourishing formula, this scrub is a treat your lips will love.

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Experience the comforting sweetness of our Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub. Enriched with nourishing calendula-infused olive oil and crafted with all-natural goodness, this gentle scrub delicately buffs away dry skin, revealing lusciously soft lips. Treat yourself to the warm embrace of vanilla and complete your lip care routine with our lip balms for a truly pampering experience.

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