About Me

Barb Hudson Thriving Through it All

Hi, I'm Barb,

I created Thriving Through it All because I wanted to help others caught off guard by life’s chaos.

I live by the motto that victimhood is something to be overcome, not embraced or celebrated. And the best way to overcome your circumstances is to become self-reliant and prepared.

I would like to help you become more self-reliant during these difficult times.
I am really good at helping others find the information and skills they need to be prepared for the uncertain times we live in. (I used to be a librarian after all.) 😉

Whenever any of my friends or family want information on how to learn a new homesteading skill, preparedness tips, or something as simple as making a sourdough starter; I am the one they usually ask first. I firmly believe it’s never too late to learn something new!

Fun Facts About Me:

peony from barb hudsons garden